Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baby Boss on Safari

When Laura first set out to create the Baby Boss brand, she started out with the since-been-sold Giraffe Bib. Created at 6:30 the morning after she bought her first sewing machine, and made using some very cool Alexander Henry fabric and an authentic horn as a toggle, this was the piece that launched a thousand ships.

From this bib was born the Giraffe blanket and the Giraffe burpers, both of which have also been big sellers. In fact, the original bib was the inspiration for the Serengeti Collection as whole and served to spark my ad writing. The fabric remains one of my favorites. It's crisp and mocern and cool, but something about it makes me imagine a scene from a turn of the century safari.

So when Laura moved toward making loveys (aka security blankets), it was only natural that she add to the Serengeti line with a Giraffe Lovey, and I think it compliments the other pieces perfectly. Purposefully cutting the fabric so as to capture the full grace of these towering animals and wrapping the back in her signature ultrasoft minky dot, this lovey really stands apart from the rest. Not that the other loveys aren't nice - they are, all of them - but this one is catalog-worthy. I can easily picture it gracing the pages of Pottery Barn, draped over the arm of a thick leather couch or hanging on the back of a rocking chair in a nursery.

You never know...

Maybe one day you'll have a Baby Boss catalog laying open on your coffee table, the Giraffe line of products splayed in every imaginable pose, ready for the purchase.

Interested in seeing the Giraffe Lovey in all its glory? Click here ----> http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5914473

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