Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby Boss, from afar...

Believe it or not, Laura and I both have full time jobs away from the Baby Boss global headquarters here in Granbury. She manages a highly successful orthopedic surgery practice and I manage trade compliance for a major food manufacturer. They are both demanding roles in their own right, but typically ones that do not take us far from home...or from our budding business.

Until now...

Next week I will be reporting from Omaha, NE, home of billionaire Warren Buffett, the College World Series, and....and....did I mention Warren Buffet? And we have already been trying to figure out how I am going to handle the business side of Baby Boss.

See, Laura and I have divided our responsibilities according to our respective strengths. So while she has been busy stocking her fabric stores with the absolutely coolest designer fabric around, dreaming up awesome new product lines and making the high-quality, uber-fashionable products our customers have come to know and love, I do the nitty-gritty. From tracking sales and inventory to formatting photos to penning the descriptons that sum up her creations, I maintain the store from the inside out, and to try to handle this from afar is daunting, to say the least.

The email exchange from Baby Boss to its man on the ground will be fast and furious. Hands will be wrung. Expletives uttered. Sweat, umm, sweated.

But I also have a feeling that it will prove to us, once and for all, that we're damn good at this thing. We're masters of multi-tasking, and while it may require Laura to update the inventory files and me to burn the midnight oil at the hotel (although not too much oil...have you seen gas prices lately??), I know we'll be in the same good shape we were when I leave on Sunday.

This is Baby Boss, dammit. We're not going anywhere.

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