Thursday, June 12, 2008

One of Gavin's personal favorites...

We here at Baby Boss are big into recycling. We recycle just about everything we can, and I haul at least 100 pounds of plastic, glass and paper to our neighborhood recycling center each week. Even though we do not see any tangible benefits, it's nonetheless rewarding knowing that we're doing something to help the environment.

So, when Laura found a pair of vintage pillowcases in a local antique shop, she immediate saw their potential and snatched them up, deciding then and there to breathe a second life into them.

And so were born our Crisp Casuals.

These are my favorite item for three reasons.

First, summer in Texas is hot, Hot, HOT, and these pants, just look like they are cool, Cool, COOL. Nothing like lightweight, white cotton to fend off the summer sun, eh?

Second - and I'm a sucker for detail - the embroidery around the bottom of the legs screams vintage. They just do not make things like that anymore.

And third, I like the fact that they were rescued, and transformed, only to live on another day. That, to me, is just the coolest.

Good job, babe!

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Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

Oh my...those are too cute!