Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Baby Boss Pledge

There is nothing quite as rewarding as taking a step back and regarding a completed project with the knowledge that the finished product is of your own skill, dedication and imagination.
As of June 10th, Baby Boss is a member of All Baby Boss products are handmade. As such, we fully support the handmade movement and encourage all of our readers -- buyers and sellers alike -- to do the same.

The buyhandmade organization ( has a very good website and provides some very good reasons why to buy handmade. Check them out at

To view all of Baby Boss' handmade items, check out our store at


Bejeweled said...

I've taken the pledge too! :)

You have such super cute bibs!!

DaisyToad said...

beautiful work baby boss!

Meg --> Bode22 said...

i took the pledge as well! go handmade! :)