Monday, June 16, 2008

Ad Copy, anyone?

Lately Laura and I have been astounded by the amount of time we each spend thinking about our Baby Boss project, and it typically happens when we are doing something completely unrelated to the business. Ideas fly out of left field when we're driving to the office, they turn on that little light bulb over our head when we're cooking, they even come to us in our sleep (no joke...the other night I had a dream about coming up with names for the new fabrics Laura bought).

Well, while I was mowing on Saturday under the hellish Texas sun, another idea came to me in my sunstroke-induced haze: "I've gotten a lot of compliments on the ads we have listed on our shop, and it seems like so many people struggle with their item descriptions and ad titles, why not help other Etsians write ads too?"

I pitched the idea to Laura, she bit - with the caveat that I better be careful to avoid any conflicts of interest should another baby shop request my services - and so I launched the Baby Boss Ad Copy Service. A full description of the service is available here:

I am hopeful it will be a success, if for no other reason than I love to write and I would leap at the opportunity to help other Etsians capture the spirit of their handiwork the way it deserves.

We'll keep you posted.

Think this idea will fly? Let me know your thoughts...

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Emily said...

It's definitely a service I'm happy you're offering!